Redpointe Maple | Platt Hill Nursery
Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

Tree categories


Product Size

25 Gallon Pot

Tree Max Size

Medium (Max Height Less than 35 ft)

Shrub Max Size

Redpointe Maple


Add an eye-catching touch to your landscape with Redpointe® Red Maple from Platt Hill Nursery. This stunning cultivar of red maple has a distinct pyramidal form and bright red fall foliage, making it an ideal shade tree for home and commercial use. From spring through fall, you will enjoy its lush clusters of red flowers and its ever-changing foliage that starts off emerald green and transitions to a luminous red in the fall. The furrowed silver bark and brick red branches add an interesting dimension that is sure to draw the attention of your friends and neighbors. Redpointe® Red Maple is easy to maintain and will be a beautiful addition to any landscape.

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