Bulk Products

Bulk available in Carpentersville only.

We carry bulk products for your large scale project. Selection includes our most popular mulches as well as the products you will need to complete your hardscape projects. Bulk products can be loaded into open bed vehicles, but cannot be loaded into buckets or bags. Customers may load their bulk goods into containers for transport.

Bulk Deliveries

Maximum Quantity Per Delivery

Mulch 8 yds

Compost 5 yds

All Other 3 yds

Dyed & Organic Mulch - Platt Hill Nursery

Mulch, Soil, & Stone Calculator

This calculator is designed to provide you with the number of bags or yards needed for a project based of the total square footage of the project and your desired depth. Follow the directions below for calculating square footage and the quantity of bags you will need to complete your project.

Bulk available in Carpentersville only.

Layer Thickness: 
Bed Size (sq. ft.): 
You will need:
1/2-cubic-foot bags or
2-cubic-foot bags or
3-cubic-foot bags or
cubic feet or
cubic yards

Grade 8 Gravel

A chunkier gravel that will serve as a base for other materials.

Black Dyed Mulch

Black dyed mulch adds a very nice dark layer to your garden beds, and helps your plants’ colors to stand out better. This mulch is also thicker than premium ground mulches, and comes in small to medium chunks.

Red Dyed Mulch

Red dyed mulch will add lots of color and character to your landscape. This mulch is thicker than the premium ground mulches. Better described as small to medium chunks rather than very thin shreds.

Premium Shredded Hardwood Mulch

The same as our bagged shredded hardwood. This thinly ground mulch has a rich brown color and is easy to spread. We recommend a layer of 2-3″ for all garden beds. Shredded hardwood mulch will break down slowly adding organic compost into your beds. It will also help retain moisture for less frequent watering.

Blended Compost

Blended compost is a custom blend of rich organic mushroom compost material plus shredded bark fines. Helps to lower soil pH and break up compacted clay soils. Great for trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, and general bed preparation. For bed preparation, spread compost and rototill thoroughly.

Pulverized Top Soil

Our premium pulverized top soil great for large scale garden and yard projects. We can load your open bed vehicle. Our top soil is guarded from the elements so you will never get chunky and compacted bits. Its time to cut that next bed and plant that garden.