Red King Humbert Canna | Platt Hill Nursery
Bloom Duration

Long (more than one month)

Red King Humbert Canna

Platt Hill Nursery’s Red King Humbert Canna is the perfect addition to any landscape. Its impressive large reddish-bronze foliage is crowned with brilliant red blooms in summer and fall and is suitable for the back of borders or as an accent. This herbaceous evergreen tropical plant is rigidly upright and features bold spikes of red, flag-like flowers with orange overtones and large pointy leaves that will turn from dark red in spring to green with showy burgundy variegation and tinges of coppery-bronze. Red King Humbert Canna will attract hummingbirds and requires occasional maintenance and upkeep.

Plant this fantastic ornamental in your garden for an eye-catching display.

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