Red Fuji Apple | Platt Hill Nursery
Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

Product Size

7 Gallon Pot

Shrub Max Size
Tree Max Size

Very Small (Max Height Less than 15 Feet)

Tree categories


Bloom Duration

Short and Bold (2-3 weeks)

Red Fuji Apple


Platt Hill Nursery’s Red Fuji Apple is a semi-dwarf variety that produces sweet, crisp, and juicy apples. These apples have a dull red color over a green-yellow background, with some russet tones and tend to ripen late in the fall. This variety requires a second pollinator for successful fruit production and is ideal for home landscapes. The apples have a sweet taste, juicy texture, and can be used for fresh eating, baking, and sauces.

In early to mid-spring, the Red Fuji Apple tree has showy clusters of lightly-scented white flowers with shell pink overtones along the branches, which emerge from distinctive red flower buds. The tree produces forest green deciduous foliage with pointy leaves that turn yellow in fall.

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