Skyrocket Juniper | Platt Hill Nursery
Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

Product Size

5 Gallon Pot

Tree categories


Tree Max Size

Small (Max Height Less than 20 ft)

Skyrocket Juniper


Platt Hill Nursery’s Skyrocket Juniper is the perfect choice for your landscape! This multi-stemmed evergreen shrub has an attractive powder blue evergreen foliage that remains a vibrant color all season long. Its rigid columnar form and finely textured sprays of foliage adds a formal and intricate touch to any outdoor space. The berries it produces from late spring to late winter adds an extra layer of visual detail. It is low-maintenance and is best pruned in late winter after the risk of extreme cold is gone. Plus, this Dwarf Conifer is deer-resistant and look amazing in a row to create an interesting tall evergreen hedge. Add the beautiful Skyrocket Juniper to your space today and enjoy its elegant look for many seasons to come!

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