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Light Requirements

Part Shade (morning sun or very late day sun)

Product Size

5 Gallon Pot

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Tree Max Size

Very Small (Max Height Less than 15 Feet)

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple


Featuring the captivating Crimson Queen Japanese Maple, a true masterpiece of nature’s artistry. Renowned for its exquisite crimson colored foliage and elegant weeping form, this ornamental tree is sure to elevate the beauty of any landscape or garden setting.

The Crimson Queen Japanese Maple stands out with its deeply dissected, lace-like leaves that emerge in a vibrant crimson hue in spring, gradually transitioning to a rich burgundy in summer, and culminating in a fiery display of reds and oranges in the fall. This stunning foliage provides a dramatic contrast against its cascading branches, creating a visually striking focal point in any outdoor space.

Not only does the Crimson Queen Japanese Maple offer unparalleled beauty, but it also boasts a compact size, making it an ideal choice for small gardens, courtyards, or even container planting. Its slow-growing nature ensures that it maintains its graceful weeping form without overwhelming its surroundings, allowing for easy incorporation into any landscape design.

This ornamental tree is also relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal pruning and upkeep to thrive. With its stunning foliage, elegant form, and adaptability to various garden styles, the Crimson Queen Japanese Maple is a timeless addition that will bring year-round beauty and elegance to your outdoor oasis. Experience the allure of this iconic tree and transform your landscape into a masterpiece of natural splendor.

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