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Many gardeners are dealing with Japanese beetles in their garden. 

This video and/or guide will help you with how to protect against Japanese beetles. Have additional pests or diseases contaminating your garden? We can help with the solution that works best for your outdoor space, but lets talk Japanese beetles first.



Your Garden Problem

Adult Japanese beetles eat the leaves and flowers of many plants, but especially roses.  They are quite colorful, and easy to recognize with their bright, metallic green body. They normally appear around July 4th and continue feeding until mid-August, although adults may be around until the first frost.


Garden Rx Product Recommendations 

  • Bonide Eight
  • Beetle Killer
  • Rose Rx 3 in 1
  • Systemic Insect Spray
  • Annual Tree and Shrub Control


  • Apply chemical according to label directions every 7 – 14 days for best control beginning in mid-June.
  • Apply Annual Tree and Shrub control in the fall or early in the spring.
  • Knock beetles off into a container of soapy water.
  • Beetle traps have been shown to be effective in reducing beetle populations. Place traps at least ten feet away from the plants you are trying to protect.


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