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Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

Tree Max Size

Very Small (Max Height Less than 15 Feet)

Product Size

10 Gallon Pot

Bloom Duration

Short and Bold (2-3 weeks)

Ann Magnolia Tree


Ann Magnolia is a hybrid magnolia selected for its spectacular lavender cup-shaped flowers in spring before the leaves and improved hardiness. A small, reasonably compact tree, effective as a solitary specimen in the garden. Ann Magnolia is smothered in stunning fragrant fuchsia cup-shaped flowers with pink overtones held atop the branches in early spring before the leaves. It has dark green deciduous foliage.

The large pointy leaves turn coppery-bronze in fall. Ann Magnolia is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with a more or less rounded form. Its relatively coarse texture can be used to stand it apart from other landscape plants with finer foliage. This is a relatively low-maintenance tree, and should only be pruned after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season's flowers.

This Ann Magnolia is more upright, and an actual tree form, meaning the branding occurs in a more traditional fashion than the multistem.

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