20th Century Asian Pear | Platt Hill Nursery
Bloom Duration

Short and Bold (2-3 weeks)

Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

Product Size

7 Gallon Pot

Tree categories


Tree Max Size

Very Small (Max Height Less than 15 Feet)

20th Century Asian Pear


Platt Hill Nursery presents the most popular Asian pear by far - the 20th Century Asian Pear. This ornamental tree consistently produces loads of delicious oblong to rounded yellow-green fruit in summer. The flowers make the tree a white-out in spring, and the orange-red fall color is breathtaking.

This large tree is commonly grown for its edible qualities. The pears taste sweet and juicy, perfect for fresh eating. They typically ripen in late summer with hints of red and white flesh.

Not only does the 20th Century Pear provide an abundance of delicious fruit, but it is also a stunning addition to any landscape. This tree is clothed in stunning clusters of white flowers with purple anthers along the branches in early spring before the leaves. The dark green deciduous foliage turns an outstanding tomato orange in the fall, making it a highlight of any garden. The fruits are showy yellow pears with hints of red, and are carried in abundance in late summer.

Grow confidently with Platt Hill Nursery's 20th Century Pear. This tree is sure to produce delicious fruit and provide ornamental beauty for years to come.

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