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Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

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1 Gallon Pot

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Veronica First Lady


Veronica First Lady (First Lady Speedwell) is an herbaceous perennial plant with a compact selection and upright spreading looke. It features numerous spikes of brilliant white flowers in early to late summer and its narrow leaves remain emerald green throughout the season. First Lady Speedwell is ideal for borders, containers, and rock gardens and is a practical choice for attracting butterflies. It should be planted 12 inches apart, in full sun to partial shade and in moist conditions. With proper care, it is expected to live for approximately ten years.

Veronica First Lady (First Lady Speedwell) is a variety of species not native to North America that is highly tolerant of pollution and can be propagated by division. It is an excellent choice for gardens, outdoor pots, and containers, and should be planted near the center of the pot. Platt Hill Nursery offers this plant and many other varieties that may not be represented in the online catalog.

Plant Height:  14 inches

Flower Height:  22 inches

Spacing:  12 inches

Sunlight:  full sun to partial shade

Bloom: White

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