Invincible Limetta Hydrangea | Platt Hill Nursery
Light Requirements

Full Sun (more than six hours of sun)

Product Size

3 Gallon Pot

Shrub Max Size

Medium (Max Size 4-6 Ft)

Bloom Duration

Long (more than one month)

Bloom Time

Summer (June, July or August)


Fast Grower, Long Bloomers

Invincible Limetta Hydrangea


The Invincible Limetta Hydrangea – These large plants fill huge areas with the broad full look. It is a great low maintenance plant that adds stunning, long lasting color with minimal work.

The Invincible Limetta Hydrangea will perform best in full sun (4+ hours) with a bloom time from July – September. It needs to be pruned once a year to keep a nice upright look. Plant with One Step Organic Compost to help with harsh Chicago clay soil.

The Invincible Limetta adds instant wow factor for any landscape with minimal effort.

Height: 3 Feet

Width: 3 Feet

Light: Full Sun

Bloom Color: White/Lime Green

Bloom Time: July – Fall

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