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Many gardeners dealing with bugs in their garden are using neem oil for pest control. Neem oil is effective against many bugs, including aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. This remedy is a natural solution to chemical pesticides to prevent bugs or remove an infestation. It’s an eco-friendly solution that won’t harm you!

This guide will teach how and when to use neem oil to protect against pests or diseases contaminating your garden and why neem oil is a great solution to keep on hand.


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What is Neem Oil?

So, what is neem oil? Neem oil is an oil naturally derived from a Neem tree called Azadirachta indica, a part of the ​​Meliaceae tree family that grows in South Asia, typically India and Africa. The oil is curated out of the tree’s seeds and leaves. For many years, neem oil has been a popular remedy for killing pesticides that gardeners trust when seeking a safe pest control solution. Neem oil controls hundreds of bugs, including Japanese beetles, moths, spider mites, and more. 


How Neem Oil Works 

Neem oil works in many practical ways, such as interfering with pests’ reproductive cycles, preventing them from feeding, acting as a repellent, and, in the case of particular pests, acting as a contact insecticide that kills them instantly.

The active element in neem oil, called azadirachtin, repels and kills insects. However, not always by direct contact, depending on the bug. Neem oil works by suppressing hormones that bugs have the urge to feed, as it limits their desire to feed on leaves and leads to starvation. 


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Since neem oil is a thick substance, it works to coat bugs, so they suffocate. This instant remedy works on the bug depending on the stage of life the bug is in; typically, the smaller and more susceptible it is to suffocation on contact. Types of minor bugs that will die on contact include aphids, mites, and whiteflies. 

Neem oil not only prevents bugs but it acts as a fungus repeller. It works to prevent mildew, rust, leaf spot, and black spot on your plant’s leaves, so it’s a win-win solution. 


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Neem Oil Spray 

Plan to spray neem oil directly on the foliage in the morning or evening. It’s best not to spray during the day when the sun is beaming hot as it can burn the foliage. If the infestation is especially bad, or if they persist, spray the plant with a combination of neem oil and insecticidal soap or an indoor insecticide. 


DIY Neem Oil Solution 

For bad infestations, neem oil or insecticidal soap may be necessary. You can use neem oil alone; however, to make it a spray (and more effective), you’ll need the following materials:

  • Spray bottle 
  • 1 quart of water 
  • 1 tsp of concentrated neem oil 
  • ½ tsp dish soap 

Start by mixing the dish soap and water, as concentrated neem oil doesn’t work with water alone and needs a mixing element like detergent. Next, add 1 teaspoon of concentrated neem oil to the soapy mixture; any more will burn your leaves! Finally, spray your plants under the leaves, and on top of the leaves. Spray the neem oil every seven days until the infestation subsides.

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If you are worried about fungus or pests infecting your garden, visit Platt Hill Nursery to buy neem oil for sale today! We can help troubleshoot any pest issues you’re having so that you can enjoy your plants without worry. 


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